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Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day.  Well some might argue that (breakfast) breaking fast with a high carb or high calorie content is a bad idea.  We happen to agree that a nutritiously dense, low calorie breakfast will help with weight loss.  This course is designed to help you get started with new habits to empower a healthy nutritious lifestyle change.


Working up to an Ideal Breakfast, new challengers gain access to award winning Ideal Breakfast Range, as well as enrol on our Ideal Breakfast Challenge.  Over 21 Days we’ll give you unlimited access to courses such as Rockstar Smoothy Recipes, Shopping Lists, Healthy Snacks, Energy Boosting / Fat burning Tea and a Daily Exercise Plan for all levels.


  • Promoting Weight Management – Fat Loss (approx. 2-4lb per week)
  • Inclusive Ideal Breakfast – 21 x Daily Meal Replacement
  • Energy Boosting / Fat Burning Tea
  • Exercise Plans for all levels
  • Shopping List
  • Personal Nutrition Support – Facebook Group
  • Diet Tracker and Daily Support – Email
  • Accountability and Reminders
  • Guaranteed Results1

1 Results are guaranteed for those who are able to prove sticking to a 21 day program and fulfilling all required activities.  Which can include sustaining from or eating varied calorie controlled nutritional supplements, meals, snacks and following a strict exercise program.